To you &and your new belongings.

Hi there Mate, 

Hoping that thing’s aren’t going that Great.

Hoping that you don’t read this and if you do believe me nothing personal. Just plain hatred. 

Sorry not sorry x)

Maybe your free-spirited nature and optimism was what he liked about you. Or maybe your benevolent nature was what touched his heart. Maybe this was that ‘Thing’ that made him forget me. Maybe I got so busy trying to fit in the ideal ‘you’ that I forgot my own self. Maybe your ‘love yourself’ attitude was what made the corners of his mouth go up whenever he saw you. Maybe somewhere deep down even I know that you’re better and you deserve him.

Maybe deep down burrowed in the dustiest corners of our fucked up souls lies the truth. The truth that we know but keep running from. The inevitable truth. 

Maybe , and it breaks me when I say this , but it is me who’s wrong this time. 

Bye, only for now.



The Book Thief

HOLA GUYS.  It’s been quite a long time since I last posted, Sorry not sorry x)

Well some of you might be knowing but for those who don’t I’m in 10th. As we all know that ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ so does with every next session come more difficulties. (Quite a nice Spider man reference, right? lol ). Yeah, it’s not even been 4 months since the session started and it’s been really hectic. But with our summer holiday’s round the corner I thought why not start blogging again, so yeah here I am.

Recently I read ‘The Book Thief’. Ohhhmygoddd, it’s THE Best thing I’ve read. While reading it I fell in love with death. For those of you who haven’t read it, the story is about a young German girl growing in “Hitler’s” Nazi Germany. The girl loves reading and is taught how to read and write by her foster father. The story is narrated by death. The way the author describes everything from death’s point of view it’s just so alluring. The author’s vocab is like WOW. The book left me tear-eyed and with a thing to think ’bout. It left me thinking that ‘How would I like to die?’. K. Quite a weird thing to think about when your pre-pre-preoccupied with things. It’s really difficult to decide which way you’d like to die. But I kept thinking about it and it led me to…


  • I want my death to be fast. Instantaneous. I don’t want the pain to linger on me the way doubts linger in our heads.
  • I don’t want it to be painful. I don’t wanna die of a disease. I don’t want to spend 2 months, knowing that I’d be dying in the coming 2 months, sitting on my bed as friends and family come to meet me one by one. I don’t want a part of me ebbing away as days’ pass. I don’t wanna die with my memory fading away bit by bit. I don’t wanna see my closed ones get changed to strangers.
  • I wanna die peacefully. I don’t want to be shredded into pieces or bombarded. I don’t want the reason of my death to be the differences between two countries. I don’t want that anybody else decides my death.
  • I want to die in a normal way. I want to grow old have lots of grandchildren. I want to die old. I don’t want to die young.

This wasn’t all. As always whenever I’ll think ’bout it again new thoughts would be there but as for now this is Okay.

Tell me which was the last book you read and whether you’d recommend it to someone??

Bbye xoxo




Thanks a ton Stephenie Meyer for bringing Twilight into my life. I clearly remember the time when i first heard of twilight. I was switching between channels when suddenly the breathtakingly beautiful Kristen Stewart and jaw-droppingly  handsome Robert Pattinson caught my eye. The meadow scene in the twilight was going on. Their chemistry was fascinating .

And so  when I had to go to an aunt’s house on her daughter’s rack I found theNew Moon with Edward, Bella and Jacob (he was looking hot) on the cover. Immediately I started asking my friend (after all this twilight madness we became good friends) about the series, movie, cast, characters, books and everything I had in my mind.

After that by the end of class 8th  I had competed the whole series and had also seen it. After reading it i used to find myself daydreaming of what would it be like to be a part of such a romance, or, what would it be like to be  a vampire, or what if some of the people in our school are vampires , or can I  ask them to change me!!!! Yeah , I was fangirling over the series.

I remember the time when I had completed the last part of the series, it was our physical education period, the last days of 8th were going on with exams about to start, me and some of my friends were standing near the basketball court and I was sobbing because I had finished the whole series and didn’t know what to do with my life anymore. Yeah ,Twilight had had such an impact on me.

But then when I was in 9th class the Midnight sun was leaked and I became sad at first because I thought I’ll only be able to read the first 12 chapter’s but then,

Every cloud has a silver lining

Doesn’t it.!? And yeah one of my classmates told me about PA Lassiter (PAL)’s fan fiction of midnight sun. And I am sorry to say so but I don’t think that Stephenie Meyer herself couldn’t have written better than this ( no offense though). The way PAL understood Edward’s character and wrote. It was almost as if she herself was able to read his mind at every point of time. It was so engrossing.

I feel so full of gratitude for you both. Thanks for bringing such characters into my life.

Thanks a ton.

aprettychaos x



Hello, it’s me!!

So this is my first blog.

I have never been a blogger or a youtuber or the kind of person who posts a lot on any

social sites …. I am the kind of person who thinks like a 100 times before posting anything

maybe because I am a girl with a lot of insecurities.

So I got inspired by ZOE SUGG  to start writing a blog. She has written the amazing book

GIRL ONLINE , which has a lot about writing a blog and by reading it I kind of got the feeling

that I should also start writing something and that probably i would also become famous like

her  though I know I never would she is way above me  but then that’s what dreams are like….

Aren’t they ?

So if anyone reads this thing of mine lets hope so please tell me how you feel about it and what

do you think …I want to know about you all.

a pretty chaos  x